Tuesday, 27 January 2015

12 Pieces Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe - Items 4-6

After sharing items 1-3 on my earlier blog; a day dress, great pair of heels and a well fitting blazer, its time to move onto the next three items you've all been anticipating.

4 - A Classic White Shirt

5 - Smart Trousers

6 - Little Black Dress.

Images with thanks to Jade Esson Photography
A classic white shirt - Getting the right shirt for your shape you firstly is crucial, there is nothing worse than a shirt that pulls at the bust. If you are small busted you can buy a shirt with ruffles and interest to give you the appearance of a bigger bust. If you are larger busted a softer fabric or one with stretch will ensure that the shirt drapes around your shape and excentuates your curves. If you are small in the waist buy a shirt that nips in and shows off your enviable feature. Ensure you are crease free to deliver a crisp finish so important to the clean shirt look. 
Tip; The trend for this Spring/Summer includes a crisp white shirt, get ahead of the game and wear oversized, or keep it clean and simple for effortless style. 
Smart black trousers; The right cut is so important, there are so many rules around the fit. If you are larger in the hip area, trousers with pockets are a no go, neither is a skinny leg, add width at the bottom as this will help to balance your frame.  A flat front and side zip is an excellent shape and doesn't excentuate your tummy. If you are wearing a crop or 7/8ths trouser ensure you look where this cuts you in the leg, if your legs are short it might make you look shorter, wearing them with heels helps fake longer legs. A straight or skinny leg will suit the slim and straight framed body shape. 
Tip; 70's style is making a big come back this season so key styles to look out for are flares and wide leg trousers, both great styles for women with hips, a great change from the skinny shape of the last few years.
Little black dress LBD; No woman can live without a LBD! It should be sexy, fit like a glove and be able to transition from day to night. There is so much choice out there that it can be quite overwhelming. Stay true to your style and shape and you will look fabulous day and evening, with flats or heels, fur or trench. 
Tip; For Spring/Summer 2015 key shapes to look for are asymmetric and 60's style tunics. 
Let me know what you think, do you have the ultimate LBD that you've had for years? Are you struggling to find the right shape and fit for you? Share a pic or start a conversation. 
Happy Shopping.....
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  1. Ok need the white shirt not an easy task with larger chest. Defiantly off to buy wide leg trousers this season. Black dress sorted (too many of those in wardrobe)