Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Jewellery and All Things Bijou

I was thinking about jewellery this week and thought it would be good to see what is available locally for the upcoming Spring/Summer 15 season.
I visited Bijou in Elgin and was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the product on offer, there are many quality brands like Dyrberg Kern, Pilgrim, Claudia Bradby, Newbridge and Edblad. Upcoming trends for Spring/Summer are already on their way into the store with much more to follow.
So what is on trend this season?
>Women showing their inner strength through their bold jewellery, chokers and thick multiple bangles.
Brangles, Dyrberg Kern £69, Newbridge £23, Miss Dee £30.60 Available at Bijou Elgin
Strong Statement Pieces, Dyrberg Kern £119, £89, £55 available Bijou Elgin.
>The romantic trend can be pulled off using Pearls, colourful jewels and metals on earrings, necklaces and rings. The look is more is more with a nod to the medieval. Bijou has a beautiful selection of real pearl necklaces with multiple strands that are designed and made by Claudia Bradby, she keeps pearls up to date and relevant to the women of today.
Claudia Bradby, 3 Necklaces shown, £312.50, £106.25, £110 Available at Bijou Elgin
>Other trends include wearing just one earing or different earrings in each ear, wearing large brass pieces (chunky necklaces and bangles), chokers, pendants and Grannys best bauble earrings.
Dyrberg Kern Necklace £249 available @Bijou Elgin
>Whether its a heart shaped necklace, earrings or rings there are lots of lovely nods to Valentines day too. If you are a follower of fashion there are some fab adjustable rings that can be fitted to all parts of the finger, aswell as cute bracelets.
Joma Jewellery £10.50-£14.50 available @Bijou Elgin
Joma Jewellery £10.00-£12.99
Joma Jewellery £10.00-£12.99
Joma Jewellery £10.99-£12.99 Bijou Elgin
Joma Jewellery £10.99-£12.99 Bijou Elgin
After a fabulous time trying on jewellery and picking out my favourite pieces, I have my eye on a Dyrberg Kern rose gold watch, I went and had a chill out in the lovely cafe upstairs and indulged in one of the many tasty cakes. The shop is on Batchen St in Elgin, definitely worth a visit.
Catch up with them on FB @Bijou-Elgin.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

12 Pieces Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe - Items 4-6

After sharing items 1-3 on my earlier blog; a day dress, great pair of heels and a well fitting blazer, its time to move onto the next three items you've all been anticipating.

4 - A Classic White Shirt

5 - Smart Trousers

6 - Little Black Dress.

Images with thanks to Jade Esson Photography
A classic white shirt - Getting the right shirt for your shape you firstly is crucial, there is nothing worse than a shirt that pulls at the bust. If you are small busted you can buy a shirt with ruffles and interest to give you the appearance of a bigger bust. If you are larger busted a softer fabric or one with stretch will ensure that the shirt drapes around your shape and excentuates your curves. If you are small in the waist buy a shirt that nips in and shows off your enviable feature. Ensure you are crease free to deliver a crisp finish so important to the clean shirt look. 
Tip; The trend for this Spring/Summer includes a crisp white shirt, get ahead of the game and wear oversized, or keep it clean and simple for effortless style. 
Smart black trousers; The right cut is so important, there are so many rules around the fit. If you are larger in the hip area, trousers with pockets are a no go, neither is a skinny leg, add width at the bottom as this will help to balance your frame.  A flat front and side zip is an excellent shape and doesn't excentuate your tummy. If you are wearing a crop or 7/8ths trouser ensure you look where this cuts you in the leg, if your legs are short it might make you look shorter, wearing them with heels helps fake longer legs. A straight or skinny leg will suit the slim and straight framed body shape. 
Tip; 70's style is making a big come back this season so key styles to look out for are flares and wide leg trousers, both great styles for women with hips, a great change from the skinny shape of the last few years.
Little black dress LBD; No woman can live without a LBD! It should be sexy, fit like a glove and be able to transition from day to night. There is so much choice out there that it can be quite overwhelming. Stay true to your style and shape and you will look fabulous day and evening, with flats or heels, fur or trench. 
Tip; For Spring/Summer 2015 key shapes to look for are asymmetric and 60's style tunics. 
Let me know what you think, do you have the ultimate LBD that you've had for years? Are you struggling to find the right shape and fit for you? Share a pic or start a conversation. 
Happy Shopping.....
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Thursday, 22 January 2015

12 Must Have Pieces For Every Womans Wardrobe

What a frantic month December ended up being!! Christmas really crept up on me, especially after all the preparations for the Super Stylish Sparkling Afternoon Tea Event @Trump International on the 7th December 2014. There I had the opportunity to share some of my style secrets, showing women that if you have the right basics in your wardrobe it is easy to build a great capsule of clothing choices for all occasions. I believe there are 12 must have pieces that will ensure getting dressed in the morning is made easy. These items are investment pieces and if purchased well should last for a good few years, they are versatile, classic and well fitting. If you buy these items correctly it will ensure that you can be ready for any occasion with the right accessories. I'm going to share 3, must have pieces every week, for the next 4 weeks to help you start building your 2015 wardrobe. Here are your first three; 1  - A Day Dress - In the right cut and finish this will be the perfect item to wear to a vast array of occasions. This can be anything from a wrap dress (great for an hourglass figure), a tea dress (for a rounded figure) or a 60's style a-line (for a straight body shape). Choose the right style for you and it will be timeless.
Iona Crawford Dress, Cloche Hat, Navy Gloves
12 must have pieces in a womans wardrobe - No 1 Day Dress
2- A Great Pair of Heels - Whether you can afford Louboutin, Kurt Geiger or Topshop, find a great heel that lengthens your legs and makes you feel amazing. How often do we see Victoria Beckham in her black Loubouitns? Your heel of choice should complement all your clothing choices so buy wisely, whether its Black, Navy, Silver, Bronze, Snakeskin (my personal favourite) Red or Nude.
12 must have pieces in a womans wardrobe - no 2 Heels
3 - A Smart Blazer - A blazer in the right fit is so versatile, it can instantly smarten up the most casual outfit and finish off your night out look. There are so many great blazers out on the high st right now to choose from. If you are lucky enough to have a small waist then get a blazer that nips at the waist, if you are fuller at the waist a more square blazer will work better for you.
12 must have pieces in  womans wardrobe - no 3 Blazer
12 must have pieces in womans wardrobe - no 3 Blazer
I hope you are now checking if you have these items in your wardrobe, if you haven't then now is a great time to start looking. If you need any help finding these Must Haves please get in touch and we can work together to find your own perfect pieces contact me at style@lauramcneil.co.uk My next blog will feature Must Have Pieces 4-6 keep a look out for it next week.